Tanya Scheer has spent almost 20 years studying, writing, performing and teaching improvisation and sketch comedy at various theaters including The Groundlings, Improv Olympic, ACME, and The Empty Stage. The Groundlings has been the foremost comedy training ground in Hollywood and the springboard for countless careers. While at The Groundlings Tanya wrote and performed with Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and many others. She has performed stand-up at The Improv, The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory and has written for various comedians in LA, was a founding member of the all-female improv troupe The Last Women on Earth, a member of the acclaimed improv troupe The Transformers, and the long form improv troupe The Waterbrains. Tanya has written and sold shows to Nickelodeon and other networks. She was the writer and host of Lifetime’s Celeb Buzz with Tanya. She sold her first feature, ‘Rush’, was a cast member for Oxygen’s ‘Running with Scissors’, has written and starred in various comedy shorts, and national commercials as well as voice-over work. Tanya has headlined at the Austin Comedy Festival and others. Tanya taught improv at the Groundlings as well as workshops in other cities. She is currently teaching improv at Genessee Hill here in West Seattle.


Tanya Scheer graduated with a BS in Psychology working under the offers improv therapy workshops for those who are dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety and more, here in Los Angeles. This workshop is great for actors and non-actors interested in the results of improvisation taught with an acute eye for each student’s unique qualities. I’ve designed this workshop to build coping skills, self-confidence & develop creativity while learning the basic rules of comedy improvisation used by countless comedic actors who have gone on to huge success like Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig. You are guaranteed to learn the basics of a scene; establishing the who, what, and where, getting out of your head and trusting the unknown through certain challenging and rewarding drills. We will hone in on each student’s individual strengths, really pushing them to a new level while moving further into scene work. The class will emphasize bringing your scene work skills to life with commitment, letting go of control and fear, agreement, teamwork, trusting the process and your scene partner, believable environments with unique characters and most importantly, having fun. Prepare yourself for lots of laughs and lots of stage time!