Fear, suspicion and anxiety are replaced with focus, creativity and sense of collaboration. Individuals, groups and organizations release their creative potential and overtime increase their confidence while HAVING FUN!


I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Psychology. I began writing and improvising immediately after graduating. My improvisation workshops began in 2013, training, teaching and coaching the basics of improvisation for healing, for actors, for children and for corporate needs such as team building skills. With twenty years experience both teaching and performing improvisation at the famed Groundlings Theatre, ACME Theatre, and Empty Stage Theatre I began to hold weekend workshops. These three to six hour workshops have been held in Seattle, Las Vegas, Louisville, Indianapolis and all over Los Angeles. Aside from my improvisation, I have also written for Lifetime, Nickelodeon, A&E. I was the host and writer for Lifetime Celeb Buzz with Tanya. I teach various groups catering to their specific needs. Every demographic can use the specific improvisation I teach and get their desired results.

  • Ÿ  Improvisation for comedic actors

  • Ÿ  Improvisation for developmental issues at elementary schools

  • Ÿ  Corporate event improvisation coach & facilitator

  • Ÿ  Improvisation for recovery in addiction at various recovery homes through out Los Angeles


Learning works best when you’re laughing.

Improvisation improves team building, communication, active listening, hyper-focus, self-confidence in front of a group, positive solution based thinking and choosing to “yes, and” a challenge opening up to infinite solutions and possibilities


Yes, And listening, present in the moment, contributing freely, adaptability, this isn’t cleverness training or joke training. It’s really about the infrastructure of communicating, connecting, and building.


“Yes, and” can be the antidote to workplace negativity. There is safety in saying no. What we do is say, ‘Let’s follow that idea for a moment. Let’s ‘yes, and’ just for a moment, to see where it goes.’ This improves communication by reducing barriers and increasing acceptance of ideas, building, finding a way to ‘make it work’ solution-minded. Saying yes to other people, they start to bring you their best ideas. “When you’re meeting things habitually with ‘yes, and,’ with an energy of agreement, you transform the way people perceive you. If people aren’t confident, they don't contribute as much, so you lose. It’s like group writers’ block: You only toss your idea out there if it’s perfect.


What you need to do in improv is listen closely to every word a scene partner is saying. Everything’s moving so fast; you may have missed the most interesting thing. The audience may have heard it, and if you missed it you haven’t really driven the scene forward, you don’t know what to react to. The boon comes in client meetings. When you’re in a meeting with a client, you need to not only hear but also deeply listen to everything.


Presentation skills: You need to be comfortable not only with objective facts but with emotion and expressiveness, and the emotional side of decisions and organizational dynamics is critically important to successful interactions. It’s not necessarily easy for everyone to do both the cognitive and the emotional side, but it’s very important for a leader and consultant to have that expressive, emotional, vulnerability.


Studies have shown that people can improve their communication skills and lower their anxiety with regular practice. Improv’s low-stakes training increases the likelihood that team members will feel comfortable communicating in a variety of work situations. I have so many games and drills I use for my clients needs.


Through spontaneity we are re-formed into ourselves. It creates an explosion that for the moment frees us from handed-down frames of reference, memory choked with old facts and information and undigested theories and techniques of other people’s findings.

Spontaneity is the moment of personal freedom when we are faced with reality, and see it, explore it and act accordingly. In this reality the bits and pieces of ourselves function as an organic whole. It is the time of discovery, of experiencing, of creative expression.
— Viola Spolin



Graduated with degree in psychology
Worked directly with head of the psychology dept., Working with his clients
Behavioral tech at children’s residential home - Wateroak in Tallahassee, FL

In LA worked at Legacy rehab for women

Taught improv at the Groundlings
Also traveled and performed with Jordan and others, then helped teach workshops in various cities

Performed, wrote, etc. Sunday Co. Alumn

Last women on Earth

Sold feature dark comedy ‘Rush’
Wrote for Nickelodeon
Sold two pitches to Nickelodeon
Sold pitch ‘The depressed housewives of San Fernando Valley’

Wrote and hosted Lifetime’s celeb buzz with Tanya
Taught improv to teens in Groundlings, then children in Seattle

Now hold improv workshops in Seattle
Currently teaching, coaching, directing two separate improv teams as

Book Title, Issue # - Plot Outline 2.

well as therapists and their clients in Seattle Commercials and shorts online